Length and difficult accessibility have traditionally made pipelines laborious and expensive to inspect. Recognising underwater damage caused by factors such as erosion has been challenging.

With VRT’s sonar technology for underwater pipeline surveys we can inspect pipelines from one end to the other, faster, safer and infinitely more accurately than any other inspection method.


Project planning

Find out the conditions of planned location of the pipeline


Pipeline routing error

Updated maps detect errors from when the pipe was laid out


Pipeline lifetime

Clear images find weak points that can reduce pipe lifetime



Works with all pipe materials

Northern Collaboration

VRT Finland Oy is the exclusive supplier for the Canadian pipeline management expert Pure Technologies. By combining their innovations with our 3D sonar technology, we can provide our clients with highly accurate information on both the exterior and topological surroundings of the pipe, as well as any possible leaks or defects on the pipe walls. All inspection results come complete with recommendations for any further action from Pure’s service division.


Our easy-to-comprehend images display underwater structures with unrivalled accuracy finding previously inaccessible defects. The entire sonar imaging process is carried out from a boat using the latest 3D technology. This means less need for divers or other underwater equipment, resulting in the fastest, most conclusive inspections – cost efficiently.

Changing plans in the contracting phase is troublesome and expensive. With the material VRT gathered, we will be able to avoid unpleasant surprises and build a solid plan

Timo Laurinmäki, Project Manager Water supply network, Jyväskylä Energy Group

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