We have discussed about the process of starting an underwater survey project and described its many phases in our previous blog articles. Every phase of the project is as important, but the real value of point cloud data is in its usefulness in the task it is meant to fulfil.

What is the  purpose of point cloud?

There’s an ever-expanding amount of 3D data in the world, so you need to remember that quality comes before quantity. When talking about the quality of 3D data, we need to point out that the definition of quality depends on the purpose of the survey. Measuring seabed or doing a structural survey of an oil jetty requires different point cloud density and level of post-processing. Therefore, the goal of the survey should be clear from the beginning of the project.

Requirements for point cloud clarity and visualisation are also dependable on the wanted result. If high accuracy and details are needed, then point cloud cleaning and visualisation of the data are priorities. If the goal is to see more approximate features of the seabed, for example, broader outlines may be enough.

How to “recycle” point clouds?

It is difficult to imagine a situation where the produced point cloud is dispensable. As 3D surveys are meant to represent real life objects, the objects are always changing in time. Being able to track those changes and compare the situation in different times, is essential for planning future operations, such as dredging or maintenance of a structure. Even if the structure, let’s say a quay wall, is brand new, as-built survey gives you a starting point where to compare future changes due to environmental pressure or usage of the quay. Plans and models not always represent the real situation!

Don’t bury the point cloud in drawers

If you don’t have a software capable of opening a point cloud file, you probably don’t see the data after you’ve looked through the surveyor’s report. To really take the most out of the survey and enabling the future use of the data, we deliver all our survey data via online platform GISGRO. The data is saved there, but at the same time it is always accessible and usable, whenever of wherever you need it. You’ve paid for the data, so why not use it?

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