1 What is relevant information?

The amount of information you have on your port’s assets or operations is almost unlimited. There are drawings of buildings and quays, technical information of equipment or lists of previous maintenance operations. Everything can’t or at least shouldn’t be digitised -the first step is to prioritise the asset data. Outdated drawings might not be the ones to be saved but do an as-built scanning instead and save the data of the actual structure.

Figure out what is the information your organisation needs in the daily work. This is the information you should digitise first to make the work more efficient. Later, you might want to add some historical information to be able to follow the changes in time, for example. You can read about the different levels of digitalisation from our previous blog.

2 How to get the personnel involved?

People are the experts of their own work, so discuss the digitising project with your colleagues to get the priorities right. When the platform for your “digital twin” is easy to use, and the information everyone needs quickly available, the change resistance is naturally lower. People do recognise the benefits of the digital tools in their own work.

Remember all the different teams which might benefit from the common digital platform. Maintenance and traffic operations may be obvious, but how about the sales or finance departments? Could you share the information also to your clients or other stakeholders to some extent?

3 When it is smart to outsource the digitizing work?

Very few organisations have their own expert for digitising the old data or planning the whole project. Instead, the project planning and management is done along with other responsibilities. To get the most out of the digital database, you need to consider not only what to digitise, but also how to digitise the information. What type of layers do you need, how to categorise the assets? If this feels laborious, it’s smart to ask for a professional consultancy.

VRT has helped many organisations in different digitising projects. We have our own in-house experts for data processing and a strong experience in working with port industry. The digital era is already here, so jump on board! Contact our experts to discuss your project plan in more detail.

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