VRT has worked for a decade with companies and public authorities managing underwater structures. One example of the tight co-operation is our input to journals or guidebooks . This month a renowed German journal for hydropower industry, Wasserwirtschaft (edition 9/2020) published an article of one of our projects in Germany. The article, which describes the underwater survey of the dam Cranzahl for LTV Sachsen, is written by our Country Manager in Germany and Austria, Frederic Müller-Braune. The article is available (in German, abstract in English) here and the whole magazine (via a subscription) here.

“This case was a good example of utilising point cloud data in asset integrity management in hydropower industry”, Müller-Braune explains. “Multibeam sonar is a good tool to keep track of sediment drift and make comparisons for other point cloud data or even BIM models. A clear visualisation of the data makes it easier to spot abnormalities or changes on the seabed. Combining it to laser scanning gives us the unique possibility to show the asset as whole: from the dam crest to the deepest bottom.”

The survey and included structural inspection did not reveal anything worrying about the dam structures or adjacent seabed. The 3D data from this survey can later be used in analysing the possible changes in sediment and planning maintenance operations.


dam Cranzahl

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