Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy built the offshore wind farm in Tahkoluoto, Pori, which is the world’s first offshore wind farm designed especially for icy conditions. The offshore wind farm consists of 10 turbines, and VRT Finland was supporting the installation by utilising multibeam sonar inspections and licensed inspectors to verify baseline data. The finalisation of the project by installing the erosion protection of the foundations and the sea cable was also ensured by VRT’s inspections.

“The inspections made it possible to receive a clear overall view from underwater. This helped to ensure information related to the windfarm’s gravel foundation structures according to the requirements for quality installations. Ensuring the gravel foundations quality is highly important since possible mistakes related to structures cause additional costs in the future. When the gravel foundation’s quality is ensured early in the construction phase, the life cycle of structures is also extended”, says the project manager of the Tahkoluoto windfarm, Hanna Matomäki.

VRT targeted its inspections to the wind farm turbines’ gravel foundations and to 8 km of cable route, in addition to the location of the route. The wind farm’s gravel foundations were surveyed by multibeam sonar inspections. A 3D cloud point data was produced from the inspections, and it was then again post-processed by VRT’s professionals. After post-processing, clear visualisations and written report with observations were delivered to Suomen Hyötytuuli Oy.

After the installation of the offshore windfarm, VRT also performed the inspections of the erosion protection and surveying the cables’ locations. The visualisations of the inspections are easily utilised as baseline information for possible future investigations.

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