If you have organized a diver survey for a check-up of quay structures, you might have a feeling that structural surveys are laborious and cause a disproportionally long halt to operations. There are also various risks included when sending a person diving in the busy port area.

Drive-by survey with a multibeam sonar and a laser scanner offers a quick and easy way to inspect the underwater structures with an extreme accuracy.

How is it done?

Our professional surveyors have experience in many kinds of survey areas, ranging from bigger and smaller ports to hydropower plants and offshore wind farms. The survey is always planned in co-operation with the client to ensure the knowledge of local environment and operations.

Our survey vessel is a seven-metre-long Buster, which manouvers swiftly in the middle of large vessels or in tight spots, like locks or upstream side of a hydropower plant. It enables gathering of precise data from every corner of a survey area. Our survey equipment is specifically designed for vertical structures.

The survey is planned according to the port’s schedules of arriving and departing vessels or, in case of a hydropower plant, along with the normal maintenance breaks, if possible. Our team arrives to the site, conducts the survey (in the previous blog we discussed about the amount of structures surveyed per day) and takes the data to the post processing and analysis. Your operations continue normally the whole time.

Want to order a survey?

Contact our sales team to discuss further about your structural inspection needs. You can also read more about the survey process from the previous blog series “3D Survey as a Service”.

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