VRT’s team consists of experts from different backgrounds that are eager to make the invisible visible. Earlier, we’ve introduced our measurement team’s work (click here to read), but there are still important chains regarding to VRT’s whole process of revealing the underwater structures.

VRT’s team of analysis performs the structural inspections of underwater structures and analyse the data collected by surveyors. The job of team of analysis is central part of VRT’s services as they observe the structures and the possible structural damage. We interviewed our licensed inspector of marine structures, Henriikka Keskinen, about her job at VRT and know-how regarding to the process of analysis.

Henriikka has been working with VRT’s enthusiastic team of experts for little over two years now. Originally with the background of architecture and graphic design, she has found the exciting opportunity to work with the combination of sales and engineering.

– I was looking for new opportunities regarding to my career. This job at VRT really appealed to me, because it was a combination of my previous know-how combined with something completely new, explains Henriikka.

Henriikka has completed the Finnish Transport Agency’s Underwater Inspector license. Her understanding about structures has helped when locating and reporting the findings of VRT’s inspections for the client.

– I’m constantly visually and literally communicating with our clients. At the moment my job also consists of a lot of drawing facades for clients – it’s pretty close to what I used to do as an architect, she says.

And being part of VRT’s team of analysis has another similarity to architect’s work as well. Henriikka has been working with 3D modelling a lot before starting her job at VRT.

– Architects have been using 3D modelling as a regular basis for the past 10 years. However, it’s a fairly new concept to use 3D modelling when it comes to infrastructure – and that’s how we at VRT are pioneering on the field of underwater inspections.

To be able to know what kind of possible repair work is needed, there needs to be accurate documents of underwater structures. And in order to make accurate observations of the underwater structures, it is vital to understand the structure types and structural damages. This is where VRT steps in: with unique inspections and the expertise of team members clients receive a visual and clear understanding of the under and above water structures, along with seabed.

– Our job at the team of analysis is very responsible. In addition to knowing the coordinates of possible damage, it also helps the inspections to know which part of the world the structure is located. The structures may vary depending on whether they are located in salt or fresh waters, downtown city or outside harbors. All this affects on the estimation of the damage.

When asking the best part of her job, the response is certain.

– Being an international company is the part I like the most. It is fun to work with clients from all around the world. It’s also great that our projects have a quick cycle, from one week to month. I’m also very fascinated by the water as an element – with our services we aid our clients to make the invisible visible.

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