The discussion about condition of freshwater and wastewater pipelines has been in Finnish news lately. In Finland, many of the pipelines date back to the 1960’s, some being even hundred years old, and similar numbers are also reported in other Nordic countries. It is easy to predict that the need for repairs is going to accelerate in the coming years. How can we prioritise the coming work?

Know exactly the location of the pipeline

Multibeam sonar survey is a cost-effective way to update the location information of the pipeline. The maps might be outdated and the only way to update them is to have digital data about the route. With sonar survey you get the exact coordinates of the pipeline and in the online platform GISGRO you can even draw the route to be exported as DFX.

Analyse the condition of the pipeline

3D visualization of underwater pipeline survey dataWith a multibeam sonar survey you get a clear overall picture of the condition of the pipeline. Broken weighs and unwanted curves, rocks or objects which pose a risk are detected. Leaks may cause sediment drifting, which is spotted from the 3D data.

Working with VRT confirms that you get a professional analysis and a thorough report about the findings of the survey. You get to discuss about the observations with the inspector in the final meeting.

Prioritise and optimise maintenance

Having a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the underwater pipeline helps in doing justified maintenance decisions. You know exactly where to guide the divers to do the most critical repairs and where actions can be left for later.

Communicating about the needed operations is easy, when all the data is in 3D visual format and accessible via a web browser. You don’t need expensive desktop software anymore to be able to utilise 3D data in predictive asset management!

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