In the underwater world construction projects are often more difficult than on land, as you don’t have a clear visual view to the result. 3D survey with a multibeam sonar offers an easy way to get a comprehensive picture with exact coordinates from the whole construction area.

Information for different phases of a construction project

3D survey is useful in all the phases of the underwater construction project. Before you start the actual construction, you might want to check the conditions and bathymetry to avoid surprises (more about using 3D technology in the case study). Large objects or erosion areas which could affect the installation are good to recognize before starting the project.

During the construction 3D surveys can be used to follow the progress. Verify the quality of foundations before installing upper structures, read for example a case of an offshore windfarm.

After everything is finished, you need to check the quality of the construction work. This is self-evident in all the “normal” construction projects, and as important in underwater construction. Has the construction been done according to plans or did you encounter some challenges? The final as-built survey enables the comparison to the plans and designs, and acts as a starting point to maintenance.

Easy utilisation of the 3D survey data

VRT’s 3D survey data is delivered to you via GISGRO, the online 3D platform. It has many features to ease the utilisation of the data. With the drawing tools it is simple to create CAD-drawings of the surveyed structures and export them in DXF format for further use.

In the visual 3D view you can take measurements and analyse the structures or the adjacent seabed. You see if there are malformations or residues from the construction work. Visualisation makes it easy to communicate about the project and its outcome with your stakeholders, as the data is easily understandable and descriptive.


If you are planning a construction project under water, contact us to discuss more about the possibilities of 3D surveys.

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