Working with underwater asset managers in different industries, we found out that the utilization of the 3D data is a challenge for most of our clients. That is why our survey service does not end to the sending of the point cloud, but we support our clients to use the data throughout the structure’s life-cycle.

Discuss with the inspector in the handover meeting

To ensure that the results of the survey are understood, and possible further steps discussed, we arrange a handout meeting with the client after the project delivery. Even though the inspection report includes all the observations with descriptive pictures, it is seen to be very useful to hear about the main findings from the inspector.

“In the handover meeting the story of the structure continues, as the discussions may reveal the reasons and history behind the observations. Sometimes the findings are surprising to the client, sometimes more expected”, Karri Koistinen, Head of Sales, tells with the experience of dozens of handout meetings.

In the handout meeting the client can ask all the questions that may arise from the observations and give feedback about the project. The feedback is highly appreciated, as our aim is to improve our services continuously with the clients.

The online platform for easy utilization of the 3D data

From the starting point of VRT, our clients have struggled with the fact that they can’t open or access the 3D data we deliver. To solve that problem, we developed an online 3D platform GISGRO, which enables viewing, utilizing and sharing of the 3D data easily. We have used GISGRO for delivering the survey data since 2016 and received excellent feedback.

After the inspection is done, the client is invited to GISGRO via a link in email. All the client needs to do is create the password and log in via a web browser to see the survey data in 3D. The measurement tools are available for further analysis, the inspection report can be downloaded, additional remarks can be added etc. All this without any installations of programs or days of training.

Lengthen the life-cycle of survey data

3D survey data is a great starting point for digitalizing physical assets, but it is quite rarely utilized to its full potential. GISGRO facilitates the utilization of 3D data as a digital twin. The survey data can be enriched with additional information about the assets, so that all the information is easily found in one platform. Or you can utilize the data for example to CAD-drawings or other 2D or 3D models.

Our mission is to help our clients also to utilize the survey data we deliver, so get in touch and discuss more about the opportunities of 3D data in asset management.



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