We have worked with dozens of European ports and harbours in the last decade and have developed our survey and data management services to suit the port industry’s needs. In this article we will present our services for ports so you will have an idea on the topics we can help with.

Detailed underwater structural surveys

Being the pioneers of using multibeam sonar in structural surveys, we have gathered a thorough knowledge about the characteristics of different structures and materials. Our survey engineers have an extensive experience in surveying at vast seaports as well as in narrow quaysides or locks. The underwater part of the structure is surveyed from the bottom to the waterline and combined with the laser scanning from above water parts.

We use the state-of-art survey equipment to achieve the highest accuracy and point cloud density. Whether you need a structural inspection of a quay or a hydrographic survey for safe navigation, we can help.

Professional analysis of the 3D data

We offer a professional interpretation of the post-processed survey data as a part of our service. Our civil engineers follow the guidelines of Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency to evaluate the condition of the structure and severity of the observations. You don’t need to contact several different consulting companies to get the actual value from the survey!

A comprehensive report of the findings eases the planning of next steps and pondering of future maintenance procedures. We deliver the 3D point cloud via our online platform GISGRO, so you can also see everything with our own eyes without having to use additional 3D software. Also, further modelling of the 3D data is possible.

Easy utilisation of 3D data in asset management

3D data from the survey is only a part of the information you need for efficient asset management. Combined with other asset information and shared easily with all the necessary stakeholders, it can play an important part of the business.

Long co-operation with the European port industry has helped us to develop tools and features to GISGRO, which benefit the maintenance, traffic operations and even marketing teams of a harbour authority. We are eager to tell you more about our all-in-one survey service -just leave a message via the form below and wait for us to call you!

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