Every water utility has the same challenges; how to ensure the quality of the water, minimize the losses from the pipeline network and reduce the environmental impacts of water supply.

Financially and environmentally sustainable business relies on thorough knowledge about the condition of the pipelines. This is where VRT’s services come into the picture; we gather accurate, georeferenced information about the location and condition of underwater pipelines.

What you can see from the 3D data?

Our methodology has the accuracy of a few centimeters, which allows us to detect damages in the weighs in addition to the shape of the pipeline. The benefit of multibeam sonar technology is, that you get this accurate information quickly – we can scan up to 5 kilometres of pipeline within one working day.

Areas surrounding the pipeline may reveal movements or leakage, which are seen as grooves or round-shaped erosion. Rocks or other objects near, below or under the pipeline cause strain to the pipeline.

How we help in utilizing the survey data?

VRT’s licensed marine inspectors have the experience of hundreds of projects, so they easily recognize the deviations which unveil the damages or risky spots. Our reporting always includes a detailed report of the observations, so the planning of possible maintenance or repair operations is easy for the client.

Data delivery via an online platform GISGRO enables the access and utilization of the 3D data without any additional software installations, and the platform is easy to use even if you don’t have an engineer education.

Whether you want to update the exact location and height reference information to your existing database or use the survey data in prioritizing repairs, VRT’s survey service offers you the answers! Send us a message describing your needs via the form below, and we’ll get back to you.

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